Thursday, January 24, 2013

new year new couch

it is time for some posting in 2013 but i was busy working for berlin fashion week lately.
here are some pictures of my latest diy project for our living room. a couch made of 6 euro pallets, some teal colour, 2 mattresses and some cushions all covered in wool felt. it is so comfortable and easy to make


  1. Hi Alex.
    this is nice & such a good idea. did you connected the pallets somehow to make it stable?

  2. hi franzi, thanks! i connected each pile of two pallets with screws but they are not connected in between. seems to be stable enough

  3. what did you use as the cushion/pillow fill?

    looks great btw!

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  5. hi thank you :-) i bought some high quality cusions and made the covers from 100% wool felt
    the back is a normal mattress!